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These conditions comprise of the contract of rent between You. and the owner of the house rented With the company/signature ofthe contract accepts these conditions during his stay


To the arrival and during its stay the right of Admission is reserved.

The number of people indicated in the reserve cannot be surpassed and if it is incurred trasgresión in the rent agreements, the contract will be considered resolute, denying the access to the lodging of vacations and without right to claim or restitution of the paid amount.

The renter must fulfil and respect all the norms decided by the landlord in his house and the surroundings that coexist.

If the renter incurs incorrect behaviour, like argument, noises or badly behaviour, the landlord will be able to call the attention of the renter and if it backslid, it will have right to terminate the contract immediately, loading the expenses caused to the renter.

The fixed address of the renter of the renter is registered in its passport or letter of identity, reason why it declares, that it rents the house by vacacional reason, and under no concept and situation like habitual house.

The renter, one becomes direct and exclusively responsible and it exempts of all responsibility to the property by the damages that can cause to people or things and are derived from facilities for services and provisions of the house of rented season.

The landlord has the obligation to maintain the water provisions and light, gas etc., to the current of payment and in the heat of operation as well as the insurance of the effective house.

The renters under no concept will be able to have highly inflammable substances, corrosive explosives or, nor to develop in the house no class of industry, nor of immoral or unusual activities that can cause annoyances to other neighbours of the urbanization where the property is located.

The prices of rent in high season are per weeks or fortnights and in low average and week ends or loose day can be requested by.
The special dates are noticeable in the card of each villa

The stay includes/understands the maintenance of the swimming pool and garden of the rented property

The stay does not include/understand the service of final cleaning and it will be paid early with the reserve, varying according to type of lodging.

The services extra of cleaning or other services (keep children)

If the bed clothes were not included in the rent, it will have to contribute it the renter or to rent it.

It is necessary to consider that outside season, the supply of the different offered activities in the zone, such as stores, restaurants, tennis courts, etc. it is limited.


The reserves are had to carry out by Postal or transference of the Bank.

The reserves by telephone, fax or email only stays during 48h, period in which there is to justify the payment of 40% of the total amount of the rent and to send the receipt by fax to the +34.972.36.58.92. or by email info@vacation-villas.es

The rest of the amount of the rent will have to be made effective at the most, 45 days before the beginning of the period of rent by banking transference. The caution of the rent is only paid in cash to the arrival.

Any lodging has a caution guarantee that varies according to the reserved property. This caution will become cash in cash to its arrival and it will be given back by banking transference in the 10 later days to its march. Indiquenos if there is any flaw.

In reserves of last hour, inferior to 30 days before the beginning of the period of rent, it is necessary to satisfy the total amount by transference. They will receive confirmation when the total amount has been settled.

It can happen in case of special supplies that a same type of lodging of vacations has different price.

In the price if it is not specified the opposite it are included consumption of provisions (water, light, etc.).

We needed the personal data and photocopy letter of identity or passport of the renter to fill up the rent contract.

The contract will be sent signed in Spanish the renter once received the totality of the payment.

Cancellations Vacation Villas
The cancellations that take place 45 days before the beginning of the vacancies period, they will have a penalty of 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
The cancellations that take place 45 to 30 days the beginning of the vacancies period, they will have a penalty of 75% of the total amount of the rent will be paid.
The cancellations that take place 30 days the beginning of the vacancies period, they will have a penalty of 100% of the total amount of the rent will be paid.

The date valid to enter these cancellations, she will be that in which we receive the notification of cancellation by fax +34.972.36.58.92 or by email info@vacation-villas.es

The rent of the house does not have including a personal insurance by its trip, stay or payment with which we advised to him to subscribe a robbery insurance, cancellations that cover the expenses in case of disease, accident or decease.

Arrivals /Departures

The period of rent it is normally of 7-14 nights. The days of divided arrival and can be Friday or Saturday. Exceptionally additional days in High season can be agreed.

The times of arrival are 16h and departure 10h.

With the signed contract it will receive the description of the route as well as the direction of its destiny, the name and the telephone of the contact person that is to receive to him. We recommended to them verify that their movable telephones work in

They do not arrive before the 16,00 nor after the 20 hours, unless they have agreed to it specifically with us. If for some reason it thinks that h will arrive last the 20 call at the landlord or to the deposit taker of the key (two hours before). The corresponding direction and the telephone consist the confirmation of the rent. The person who receives to them will explain the data to them of the house: Equipment, situation, sweepings, schedules, inventory... and time of departure.

The renter or the deposit taker of the key is authorized to perceive the amount of the guarantee
He has to pay the amount of the guarantee to his arrival in cash.

The inventory of the house will be carried out by the owner after
the game of the renter. The renter is in all the cases responsible for the possible damages caused by him or Co-renters and possible guests during the period of
his stay

The amount of the guarantee except the cost of possible caused damages, or extra cleaning will be restituted them at the most a month after the game.

If in the course of the vacations there were some breakage or mishap it calls to the person who received to fix and to replace the incident as rapidly as possible to him.

Domestic animals do not accept themselves, whenever the description of the house does not specify the opposite.

The day of the exit the house will be left 10,00 at the most h in the morning, of the day to begin with. If they wish to leave before solicitelo the day of arrival to the contact person

The house is had to give back in correct state, basic cleaning, and it deposits the sweepings in the corresponding containers of the City council.

If they have rented the bed clothes they have to leave sheets folded next to the door of the entrance of the house

Due to the rain shortage in Spain and to that the fire risk is very high we recommended the renter that subscribes an insurance against fires for the house of vacations, if it has predicted to ignite some type of fire (barbecues, etc.).


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